Behind the fire...

The designer and Founder,

Living on a Greek Island, for 10 years. My path may be atypical.

After a energic school rhythm connecting sport and school, in which I thought of making a career, my life knew multiple experiences like any envious youth. Touching on several jobs, and thanks to the meetings, I turned to myself, and left galloping the world which let a beneficial imprint.

On my way, the future dad, and a future elsewhere.



A decade, in this elsewhere and I transformed my life, from simple thinker and observer, to a real manager. My world is building fast. The hardships of a lifetime really make us what we are, I take advantage of it every day and cherish life as much as possible. To always be as close as possible to the truth, to honesty, leading my path.

"Life goes by very quickly" ... Heard yesterday, and which resonate more than anything today!


Back to the simplicity...

I now, often stay close to simplicity.

I have long had a concern for originality, seeking the difference. But, today, I am looking for the simplicity of elegance, make the jewelry a light, there, very close to the heart, illuminating the face, the person, like an aura.

I discover glass in 2005. 15 years ago. Just by talking with a metal sculpture artist. He never knew that he had changed my life forever! I began my work in France, melting glass tube mixed with sand, stones, electric wires in my grandmother garage’s!  

After all those years, it is always surprising to look behind and to observe the accomplished work, and the change through the years that passed. I am so proud, Proud to make those creations, Proud you wear them!

Thank you, for your support, Thank you for your visits in Corfu, visiting our boutiques, Acharavi, and Sidari, and the Gorgeous Colmar France, during the Christmas Time. 

It is a deep feeling to be lucky to work for The Passion. 


We work for you,

For the love you give to us,

For all your admiration ...


We are more than Grateful ...

Thank you to all our Customers.


Love xxx, Moanna and the Microcosmoses team.